Managing social care finance in Manchester with ContrOCC We recently spoke to Steve Power (Service Manager, Financial Management - Children and Families) about how implementing OCC’s ContrOCC social care finance software has made a positive impact on the team at Manchester City Council.

The problem

"The biggest issue in our previous solution was the lack of integration between case management and social care finance. This resulted in different sets of data being held by the two systems. Furthermore, children's provider payments were managed on spreadsheets.

We have found that ContrOCC can be relied upon to calculate these correctly and we are yet to find an instance where ContrOCC has made an error in calculation.

The solution

ContrOCC and Liquidlogic's integrated system provides the functionality to hold one record within two systems. The client record is synchronised across case management and social care finance, meaning that users are confident in the accuracy of the data displayed. Care package data is consistent across both systems. When care is ended in one, it will stop in the other. This setup ensures that payments and charges are accurate."

How OCC and Manchester worked together

"OCC paid attention to how we worked as a business and offered resourcing advice for the implementation of ContrOCC.

We feel that OCC listen to our requirements, provide guidance as needed and make our suggested changes to the product. Our product change requests have been included in new versions, which are available to all customers. We frequently incorporate the standard system reports and ad-hoc reports in our financial processes.

The Future

Going forwards, we are keen to explore the use of ContrOCC Insights across both Adults’ and Children's, to further understand our data and potential cost savings. For example, gaining a better understanding of actual home care delivery data as compared to commissioned.”

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