ContrOCC ContrOCC supports adults’ and children’s social care finance teams with the process of managing contracts and budgets, making payments and collecting contributions.

ContrOCC is designed to integrate with case management systems, such as Liquidlogic, and with corporate finance systems, such as SAP and Oracle. It can also be integrated with call monitoring systems, such as CM2000.

ContrOCC helps teams improve the accuracy of their payments and charges. It can also help them to eliminate data duplication and improve efficiency of administration.

Provider Portal

The ContrOCC Provider Portal allows service providers to see payment reports, contract data and purchase orders online. The electronic invoicing process can dramatically improve efficiency for payments administration.

Online financial assessments

Our Online Financial Assessments (OFA) website enables individuals or their representatives to calculate their own contribution. It includes an option to upload the financial assessment back into ContrOCC for review and further action.

Client finance portal

Considering the shift to self-service, and the impending social care reforms, a key step local authorities can take is to move a greater variety of relevant council services online. With an increasingly tech-savvy generation either requiring care or providing care for loved ones, citizens will want to administer and view their care digitally.

Our Client Finance Portal enables service users or their representatives to access their social care finance documents online. Where relevant, users will also see: direct payment remittances, personal budget statements, deferred payment agreements and billing statements.

Remote financial assessments

The ContrOCC Remote Financial Assessments app allows details of clients to be downloaded so that financial assessments can be carried out in the service user’s home and then synchronised back into the main database.

Financial protection

OCC Financial Protection is available as a standalone system or integrated with ContrOCC. It includes all the functionality needed to manage the affairs of appointeeship and deputyship/financial guardianship clients. This includes tracking the status of applications for appointeeship or deputyship/financial guardianship, recording relevant contacts and documentation, managing the client’s property and assets and linking to external systems such as the corporate finance system and individual high street bank accounts to receive data on benefits received and bills paid and to reconcile client bank accounts.

ContrOCC Insights

Insights is a powerful new analytics and reporting tool which enables you to better understand
your data and gain fresh business insights. The module can help you to:

  • View key operational metrics
  • Identify potential process improvements
  • Compare providers to determine potential cost savings
  • Highlight opportunities for increasing charging revenue

It is built in Microsoft Power BI, which gives users access to a huge range of report styles; from
simple lists, to maps and dashboards

Business improvement service

ContrOCC helps councils use their social care finance data to inform decision-making. With our business improvement service, you can use OCC’s understanding of social care finance and our team’s skills and experience to help you meet social care pressures through applied business intelligence, process improvement and organisational change.