Company Update: Oxford Computer Consultants joins System C We are delighted to announce that, on Tuesday 11th April 2023, Oxford Computer Consultants (OCC) was acquired by System C.

System C is an established UK based organisation that we have worked with for 20 years, primarily through the joint provision of the OCC/Liquidlogic social care software systems. We share values with the leadership team and are excited about the opportunities that will come from working more closely together and using our combined strengths to create and deliver new technologies.

Social Care

As part of System C’s Social Care division, OCC will be joining forces with Liquidlogic, to enhance our integrated solutions and expand our software and services offerings.

With a shared customer base of over 100 local authorities, this will allow us to create a unified product roadmap that strengthens the integration and effectiveness of our solutions.

Innovation Delivery

The Innovation Delivery group will continue to deliver bespoke software development for your company, and the wider science and engineering domain. We have long been supported by our local government products team. This acquisition not only strengthens our software offering but also bolsters our capacity to provide support and other services that you may require.

We are confident that our combined expertise and shared values will drive innovation and growth, fulfilling our mission to deliver technology that connects and transforms health and care outcomes for all.

About System C:

System C is the UK’s fastest-growing supplier of software for local authority social care and education management services. Its Liquidlogic software is built on a modern platform that is flexible, intuitive, secure, and constantly refreshed. Practitioners are directly involved in the design and development of all Liquidlogic solutions. Many of the team are qualified social workers from Adults’ and Children’s services or have previously worked in the sectors that the business serves.

System C is also a leading supplier in acute EPRs with NHS Trusts, a successful supplier in child health, a pioneer in electronic observations, and a leader in hospital pharmacy and medicines management, where the business supports £5bn+ medications per year across 350+ hospitals. Plus, they are the national provider of the Covid and flu vaccination system, NIMS.

We appreciate your continued support and look forward to exploring the new opportunities ahead as we become part of System C. For more information on System C and its range of solutions, please visit and