The Story of TraCer

OCC has played a key role in an innovative project to use artificial intelligence to accurately date pregnancies in countries where larger scale ultrasound scanning equipment is unavailable.

TraCer is a small ultrasound device that has been combined with a tablet and probe. Software on the tablet makes it simple for a non-expert to carry out pregnancy scans. OCC played a key role in ensuring that the user interface was as straightforward as possible. Machine learning techniques are then employed to analyse the videos and date the pregnancy. Finding out the gestational age of a foetus can make a real difference to pregnancy outcomes, especially in remote areas where women did not previously have access to scans.

The below video gives a snapshot of the project, its impact and the collaboration between the key organisations involved in translating this research into a real-life application. Read our TraCer project case study to find out more about OCC’s involvement. You can read about the detailed research conducted by the Oxford University Department of Engineering here.