Remote financial assessments ContrOCC Remote allows visiting officers to carry out financial assessments during home visits and upload assessments and evidence to the main system.

The ContrOCC Remote Financial Assessments app is designed to make managing appointments and carrying out financial assessments quick, easy and accurate.

ContrOCC Remote can be used with Windows, Android and iOS. It is designed to run on tablet devices, and is optimised for touch on 10"+ devices.

The app is fully integrated with ContrOCC. Appointments and service user details are downloaded to the tablet. Assessments are entered using the rules and details that the council has configured in ContrOCC. The resulting assessment and any evidence captured during the visit are uploaded to ContrOCC to calculate charges and payments.


The main screen shows the user a list of their current appointments. From here, the visiting officer can access client details, including any notes or warnings, or start or continue an assessment.

Essential details

The visiting officer can see all essential details, such as name, address and date of birth, plus details of relevant contacts, such as the service user’s representative.

Any notes and warnings can be viewed and the user can create new notes and warnings during the visit.

Details of the client’s property can be viewed and edited and will be used by the financial assessment where relevant.

Any existing financial assessments can be viewed. These might include a self-assessment created by the service user or their representative using OCC’s Online Financial Assessments app (OFA). The visiting officer can continue an unfinalised assessment, use any existing assessment as the basis of a new one or start a new assessment from scratch.

Entering the assessment

For clarity and ease of use, the assessment screen groups items into standard categories, such as benefits and disability expenditure, with subtotals shown for each category. Items can quickly be entered, edited or removed. The app calculates results of any change immediately and displays the overall assessment outcome at all times.


During the visit, letters and statements can be captured as evidence, using the tablet’s built-in camera. The evidence is attached to the assessment and will be uploaded to ContrOCC with the assessment.


When the assessment is complete, the client can sign an on-screen declaration. Once signed, no further changes to the assessment are allowed unless the declaration is removed.

ContrOCC Remote has been designed in consultation with users and has been tested with users throughout the development process.