PSOCC Client case management software for providers

Could the secure availability of client data reduce staff admin and travel time?
Would you like more service management information to help improve quality and performance?
Would immediate service and outcomes information help with your management and new business tendering?
Is the gathering of information for commissioners and internal reporting inaccurate and taking too much time?
If you answered 'yes' to any of these questions, PSOCC is designed for you.

What is PSOCC?

PSOCC is a software solution designed for Providers, enabling them to utilise their information to improve management, satisfy audit inspections and support their applications for new contracts and reducing the reporting overheads.

It is a secure, web-based application which means there's no software to install. We'll also host the application for you so there's no time-consuming IT systems support or management to worry about. It is e-Government and e-GIF compliant.

All this means you can spend more time taking advantage of PSOCC's many benefits:

  • Client information at your fingertips.
  • Streamlined client-support planning.
  • Detailed evidence of support delivery.
  • Improved outcomes measurement.
  • Comprehensive management information
  • Simplified submissions and reduced administration.
  • Effective exchange of information with commissioner's and local authorities.

PSOCC includes a comprehensive range of features and functions including:

Comprehensive client details

All the demographic and other details you need to know about your client can be included. The details captured can be changed by an administrator user and the data captured can vary across services.

Assessment designer

An assessment designer allows end users to configure their own assessment forms. Assessments can include distance travelled for showing progress, determining outcomes and aggregated to measure overall service achievements.

Support planner

The support planner enables users to design support around a client’s specific needs that have been identified at assessment. Goals can be set and outcomes recorded to show client progress and aggregated to show service achievement.

Case notes

All notes from meetings, support sessions and reviews together with all other third party communications can be recorded in PSOCC’s CRM.

Document Repository

A document repository holds all other documentation; word, pdf, jpeg etc. relating to a client’s support and is immediately accessible over the web with all other client information.

PSOCC Case Study and Reference

Discover how PSOCC enhanced service deliveryat Riverside ECHG; helped Reading Single Homeless Project improve their results and revolutionized the way the Scrine Foundation carried out their work.