OCC are listed on the Government Digital Market Place

Janine Smith

We are very pleased to be listed in the Government’s Digital Market Place, which is for UK public sector organizations to commission suppliers to work in an Agile way on digital projects. See below for a description of “Agile” working.

We have been evaluated technically and commercially to supply individuals, or to join an existing team to work on a digital project at both junior and senior levels in the following roles:

For Agile Delivery Management:

  • Business Analyst
  • Delivery Manager
  • Product Manager

OCC developed APS Online for Sport England, the flaghip website for the national Active People Survey. It’s the largest survey of sport and activity in Europe. We delivered this project using Agile methodology working closely with Sport England and users with weekly sprints (classic Agile). The site has been tested by all stakeholders and we have future work planned.

For Software Engineering and Ongoing Support:

  • Developer
  • Technical Architect

We’ve designed, developed and supported custom Windows applications and databases for National Grid for 16+ years. Our applications are used to calculate the capacity limits of overhead lines, transformers and buried cables on the national electricity network. They are integrated into the control room to monitor critical circuits and run from desktops to support maintenance planning and network design.

We are also listed in the G-Cloud Catalogue for our services and products.

What is an Agile project?

Agile is all about creating fast iterations based on read feedback from users, ensuring that your product or project moves in the right direction for its users from day one.

These iterations are called sprints. Each sprint is relatively short (a few days to a few weeks) and team members have goals to achieve real functionality ready for use by its end. As the Government Digital Service describe:

This way of working can be very different for those used to long specifications and procurement processes, but it’s essential for producing high-quality services to a standard that many users expect.

You can find out more about Agile working in the Government Service Design Manual.