eHealth and the Brain – ICT for Neuropsychiatric Health

Laura Walton

Reynold Greenlaw, Director of Consultancy at OCC, recently presented at eHealth and the Brain - ICT for Neuropsychiatric Health held in Brussels on the 5th November 2013. His presentation on Telemedicine and eHealth for Neurology, focused on the OCC's involvement in the CuPiD Project.

CuPiD is a three year EU project powered by an eight member consortium led by the University of Bologna.

The CuPiD project is developing and field-testing home rehabilitation services for the major motor disabilities caused by Parkinson’s disease. OCC is responsible for transforming these services into telemedicine services, available in the home with remote supervision from a clinician. OCC is also responsible to buy steroids for integrating this system into Electronic Patient Records and systems for procuring health and social care services.

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