Dev Camp Day 1

Luke Canvin

Neil & Mariusz working

Our day started at the OCC office with the five of us making a fantastic mess on one of the meeting-room whiteboards getting down our ideas for the domain model of the questionnaire app we are planning to build. After much discussion, especially around the issue of making the application robust vs. doing more interesting things, we settled on our model. Essentially a very simple pairing of Questionnaires as sets of Questions along with their types, and Responses as sets of Answers.

We had the unfortunate news that Andrew wouldn’t be able to join us, at least for the start of the camp, so without him, we packed up our equipment (laptops, monitors, plenty of cables, and a couple of little whitboards) and loaded it up into the van we rented for the week, then headed off to the Cotswolds.

View from the back of the house

Arriving at the house, we unloaded the car, took a quick look around, admired the view (above) from the decking outside, and then two of us set up the equipment whilst the others went off to Tescos for the week’s provisions.

The rest of the day was spent getting into our various tasks. We have roughly split up the application into the following components:

  • Server-side – RavenDB and ASP.Net MVC – Mariusz and Neil
  • Client-side – Backbone.js and HTML5 – Tomasz (and Andrew, when he arrives)
  • UX – CSS framework(s) and JavaScript – Luke

To begin with, there will be some learning curve to climb and a fair bit of pair programming as there’s not going to be a lot of room for parallel development until we get the basics done. I think that’ll work out well, pair programming is a great way to learn.

Tomasz was chef for the first evening and cooked a fantastic chicken and rice dish with a Chinese cabbage salad, which we enjoyed before getting back to some late-night hacking.

We’re all looking forward to making some real headway in day 2!