Recharging external organisations for social care Austen Cook, Gloucestershire County Council spoke to us about their experience of using OCC’s organisational recharging module.

Carer is looking after elderly person with walking frame

How does organisational recharging work?

OCC’s organisational recharging module is simple to use” explains Austen.

The first step is to configure the organisation which will be recharged. In Gloucestershire there is only one CCG, but the system enables users to set multiple recharging organisations if required”.

  • A recharging schedule with defined charging frequencies can be set.
  • Funding is displayed within a separate tab in ContrOCC, which is very similar to the payments tab.
  • Pending recharges are calculated and displayed for users to review, authorise and finalise before they are processed either individually, or in batches.

Gloucestershire found that configuring the functionality was a straightforward process”.

What are the benefits of using the module?

The module calculates backdated charges, uplifts and adjustments. Prior to implementing the module, it took approximately 0.5 days each month to find and report on this data.

Nowadays it takes us approximately 30 minutes as we include extra data in the reports, but it would be possible to extract the required information in just 5 minutes each month” explains Austen.

Multiple funding types and multiple organisations can be configured using the tool too.

Gloucestershire have been using the functionality for three years and are pleased to report that:

The actual funding calculations have been accurate to date”.

If you would like to find out more about how the organisational recharging module can help your local authority, do not hesitate to get in touch with your OCC account manager, or email us at