Delivering medical device software solutions with Microbira We worked alongside Microbira to successfully deliver an enhanced web application of their existing researcher toolkit.

The results of the Microbira software (MAAP-IR) analysis are delivered on the interactive screen of the spectrometer making the original measurements.


Microbira specialize in using artificial intelligence combined with Fourier Transform Infrared (FTIR) spectroscopy to improve the efficiency of healthcare delivery. FTIR involves light being passed through materials and subsequently measuring the absorbance of the light at different wavelengths. Microbira previously developed a suite of software tools allowing researchers to identify different types of microorganisms using FTIR. Identifying and classifying potentially hazardous organisms is highly important for diagnostic and quality control purposes. Microbira’s work will therefore target industries such as clinical microbiology, infectious diseases, veterinary, food/beverage, plus pharmaceutical and microorganism research. Read more about Microbira here.

OCC have developed a number of cloud-hosted medical devices, notably QCovid, ParkAI and Cytox. We have also worked with the regulatory consultant (BCS Clinical Consulting) before and were familiar with the methodology.

How we worked together

Microbira tasked us with transforming their existing suite of research scripts into a web application with additional functionality. OCC has considerable experience with successfully delivering similar medical device software solutions. Our web developers made a cloud-hosted solution using Microsoft Azure. We created a web application version to allow clinical users to submit samples to the Microbira Advanced Analytical Platform – Infrared (MAAP-IR) for analysis. This gave Microbira a more efficient system to help build on the in-depth research they have been doing within this scientific field. This web app is classed as a form of medical device.

An example of the results presentation available from the MAAP-IR analysis software. This is available minutes after the sample spectra are submitted to the cloud.

Key Achievements

The delivery of this new web application provides many benefits to Microbira’s day-to-day operations. Some of the key advantages to this new software include:

  • improved ability to manage and analyse results
  • the capacity to generate client-specific real-time results
  • the ability for remote users to submit samples over the web
  • improved security

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