ContrOCC Insights

Our new business intelligence tool enables users to interrogate the financial data stored within ContrOCC and draw relevant insights. Reports can be viewed in a variety of styles including lists, maps, and dashboards.  ContrOCC Insights empowers users to draw detailed comparisons, identify trends and flag anything unusual that may require further investigation.  The tool offers users the potential to automate certain business monitoring process and can assist in identifying any shortfall in resources.

We spoke to North East Lincolnshire Focus Independent Adult Social Work about their experience of using the tool so far.

“ContrOCC Insights is a powerful tool. Colin and Damien from OCC are both extremely knowledgeable with an extensive skill set. They have worked with us to develop Insights to meet our needs, and continue to do so.

 North East Lincolnshire Adults are using ContrOCC Insights to look at performance data such as the processing of provider invoices and financial assessments. This can include high level summary information or also detailed figures, such as staff members or providers. The reports OCC have produced are very user friendly and the speed that the reports refresh/return is remarkable.

The tool displays weeks as running from Sunday to Saturday, while a year runs from January to December.  Following our feedback, OCC have included filters within the reports that allow the user to define the dates they want to return data for; such as a Monday to Sunday week, a 4-week period, a financial year, a specific date etc. This allows us a lot more flexibility.

We hope to use Insights to assist with data modelling among other areas”.

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