Assisting Infinitesima with the development of their ‘Metron3D’ metrology system We used our expertise in hardware integration and modifying the code of existing products to assist Infinitesima with the development of their ‘Metron 3D’ control software.

Metron 3d

The ‘Metron 3D

Hardware integration and modifying the code of existing products

OCC developers have a wealth of skills in hardware integration and are experienced in coordinating separate hardware elements. Through this process, OCC developers can make systems carry out complex tasks. The abilities of separate hardware elements can be co-ordinated so that the system approaches the task in a new way. As a project progresses, a product or piece of software that is core to a workflow may need to evolve. This leads to businesses requiring modifications to existing parts of a system or requiring new layers of functionality around existing pieces to be built. OCC developers possess expertise in both hardware integration and in modifying the code of established products. Read on to find out how we used these skills to help Infinitesima.

Introducing Infinitesima and the ‘Metron3D

Infinitesima are a privately owned company based in Abingdon that began as a spin-out from Bristol University’s Scanning Probe Microscopy Group. Their technical solutions are highly innovative. Infinitesima’s machine: the ‘Metron 3D’, could prove invaluable for quality control purposes within the integrated circuits industry.  Infinitesima’s machine is highly efficient, it can complete testing quickly and detect errors fast. Find out more about Infinitesima here.

How we worked together

Our software developers used their knowledge of hardware integration and modifying the code of existing products to assist Infinitesima with making the Metron3D operate efficiently. Our coding expertise helped Infinitesima build new layers of functionality within the machine, making components work together more seamlessly. This helped Infinitesima enhance the Metron3D’s capabilities for cassette management. Cassettes are used to enable automated probe exchange on the Metron3D.   This project demonstrates our extensive knowledge at working with hardware controllers and integrating complex systems. As time progressed, we began working more closely with Infinitesima’s internal development team. Indeed, OCC developers began working with Infinitesima in a consultant capacity, with our team providing input on their working systems, architecture and assisting them with following best coding practice.

This project also demonstrates the capabilities of OCC developers to:

  • work collaboratively with external teams, especially where multiple contractors and parties are involved
  • provide help with software architecture and best practices
  • create solutions for highly technical software tasks

Find out more

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