Registered Partner Scheme

Our Registered Partner Scheme recognises contractors and consultants who can provide quality of service, experience and knowledge of the latest developments in ContrOCC and MarketPlace.

OCC’s Registered Partner Scheme recognises independent contractors who bring quality of service, experience and knowledge of the latest developments in ContrOCC and MarketPlace to our local authority customers.

The Registered Partner Scheme offers benefits for both our local authority customers and the independent consultants who register with the scheme. Local authorities looking for independent contractors to support their social care finance implementations can be confident that our Registered Partners have relevant experience and references from other local authorities. In addition to receiving this recommendation from OCC, contractors who become Registered Partners also receive an annual refresher course and direct access to OCC’s helpdesk, among other benefits.

Registered Partners can qualify for Silver or Gold status in their areas of competence, depending on the range of references and experience they are able to provide. Silver registration requires at least one customer reference for a project within the last 3 years that recommends the consultant’s work in their chosen competencies. Gold registration requires references from at least three local authorities for projects within the last 5 years that recommend the consultant’s work in their chosen competencies.

The table below shows our current list of Registered Partners and their contact information.

NameArea(s) of CompetenceRegistration StatusWebsite/Email
Oscar Alexander (Cubicus Ltd)Data
 Julie Savill (JA Savill Consulting Ltd)Project
Carl Brownshill (Phoenix Analysts Ltd)Consultancy – Adults’ and Children’s
Chris White (Key Intelligence Ltd)Data
Gareth Price (G.E. Price Consultancy Ltd)Consultancy – Adults’ Children’s
Helena Theron-Marquez (Theron-Marquez   Consulting Limited)Project Management & Consultancy – Children’s
Tahmina Miah (Rizq Consultancy Services)Consultancy – Adults’
Dean Cooke (Social Care Infusion Ltd)Consultancy Adults and Children’s
Sayera Islam (Social Care Infusion Ltd)Project Management, Consultancy – Adults’ Finance, Data

If you are an independent consultant interested in registering, or if you are a local authority customer interested in knowing more about the registration process and what is required of contractors, please click here to view a full breakdown of how to apply as well as the Registered Partner Code of Conduct . If you have any questions about the Registered Partner Scheme, please get in touch at