SPOCC The preferred supporting people management system

SPOCC is recognized in independent evaluations by Supporting People (SP) consultants as the leading system for managing Supporting People contracts, administration, services, budgeting and benchmark services to improve value for money.

It boasts a powerful payments and contracts engine for calculating and recovering payments from service providers and allows providers to:

  • manage contracts
  • manage service details and service vacancies
  • access and download their payments schedules
  • manage details of clients receiving services
  • upload service monitoring data and key performance indicators

The software meets requirements set by the Ministry of Housing, Communities and Local Government (MHCLG). It pulls information from existing local authority finance, housing, benefits, social care and MHCLG systems into a central base of information.

The software emerged out of the SPOCC group, a consortium of 13 councils who collaborated on the implementation of the Supporting People Initiative. Over 40 local authorities now use the software.


SPOCC.net is the web-front end to SPOCC. Service providers can log in to view the information SPOCC holds about their services, clients and schedules and make additions or changes. The SP team check any changes requested.

SPOCC.net gives you savings in time and administration:

  • decisions can be verified almost instantaneously
  • impossible for paperwork to get misplaced.

SPOCC Social

SPOCC users have their own social network site, SPOCC Social, developed by Oxford Computer Consultants.

Find out about new developments to our SPOCC suite of products, see when SPOCC training is scheduled, get help in the Forum, watch a video about the latest features in SPOCC.


SP-Bench is a tool which allows you to compare cost, quality, performance of your SP services to similar services of other LAs. It is a securely hosted web application linked to an LA's SP system.

SP-Bench will help you:

  • commission services based on benchmark criteria
  • demonstrate value for money
  • upload data from LA system

SP-Bench features

  • standard built-in reports to analyze on key benchmarks, or
  • configuring your own custom reports
  • advanced techniques in application to compare similar services, eg authority type