How OCC Financial Protection software can help you Are you a local authority, health trust or solicitor who needs to manage an appointeeship, deputyship or financial guardianship?

OCC Financial Protection software includes everything you need to effectively manage the financial affairs of your clients in one fully integrated and customisable platform.

Being responsible for a client’s financial wellbeing can be complex and time-consuming. OCC Financial Protection gives you the flexibility and support to administer financial processes accurately and efficiently, saving you time and money. Our customisable platform lets you tune the layout and workflows to suit your way of working.

Whether you’re looking for automatic reconciliation of bank transactions, client management workflows, asset management, debt tracking, property management, or to simplify your OPG (Office of the Public Guardian) returns, OCC Financial Protection can help.

Automatic reconciliation of bank transactions

OCC Financial Protection integrates with all major banking providers. This means you can import bank account transactions and automatically reconcile them with regular and one-off transactions for every client. The system detects any discrepancies and alerts you to review and approve reconciliations.

This gives you the flexibility to manage the transactions of multiple clients from one account as well as the confidence that all transactions are accurately synchronised.

Video of automatic reconciliation of bank transactions

Workflow management

It is essential to assign and track the immense number of tasks associated with managing a client’s financial affairs. This is why our solution includes configurable client management workflows. You can assign tasks to your team, attach documents and set up automated email reminders.

This allows you to stay in control of the legal and administrative processes as well as household management, property sale and the responsibilities of appointeeship, deputyship and financial guardianship.

Screenshot of client workflow management view

Workflow management view

Screenshot of assigning tasks

Assigning tasks


Complementing the workflow management functionality, our software integrates with Microsoft Word. This helps you to simplify and streamline documentation.

You can upload your own customised MailMerge templates to automatically create the letters, forms and documents you need, pre-populated with client, solicitor or respondent information.

Physical asset management

To help you keep track of client assets, the physical asset management feature allows you to record information about client assets in one place. As well as location, value and any ongoing costs, you can also upload images and documents, such as photographs of jewellery or scans of insurance evaluations.

Debt tracking

We understand that many clients referred for Financial Protection may have accumulated some form of debt. Our unique debt tracking feature allows you to record different debts quickly and easily, all in one place.

Screenshot of debt tracking

Debt tracking

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