Financial Protection An integrated and efficient solution to the management of appointeeship and deputyship or financial guardianship.

OCC Financial Protection helps you manage your appointeeship and deputyship (England and Wales) or financial guardianship (Scotland) cases effectively, efficiently and all in one place. The system provides support for managing your clients’ finances, property, assets and legal and administrative affairs, and is highly configurable to reflect your own work practices.

Features and benefits


Automatic reconciliation of bank transactions

OCC Financial Protection integrates with all major banking providers to import bank account transactions and automatically reconcile them with clients’ expected regular and one-off transactions. The system detects any discrepancies and generates user alerts.

Property management

The system records details of clients property, including valuation, insurance and tenancy information, and acts as a directory of contacts associated with the property, such as keyholders, cleaners, estate agents and other professionals. Workflow management provides annual reminders for tasks such as renewing utilities contracts for the property. You can store relevant documents against the property, such as a landlord’s gas safety certificate or invoices for property repairs.

Physical asset management

The system records and tracks client assets, including location, value and any ongoing costs. You can upload and store pictorial and documentary evidence, for example, photographs of jewellery and scans of insurance valuations.

Workflow management

Configurable client management workflows assign and track tasks associated with household management, property sale or the legal and administrative processes required for appointeeship and deputyship or financial guardianship. You can attach documents and set up automatic email reminders for individual steps.


OCC Financial Protection uses the power and flexibility of Microsoft Word to simplify documentation. You can upload your own customised MailMerge templates to automatically create letters, forms and other documents pre-populated with name and address information relating to clients, their solicitors, respondents and interested parties and assigned employees.

OPG returns

The system automatically pre-populates the OPG102 and OPG103 returns with personal and financial information from the bank transaction, asset, property and investment information recorded against clients, saving you significant time in this annual process.

Integrated or standalone

OCC Financial Protection is available as a module of ContrOCC or as a standalone system, either locally installed or securely hosted.