Joining the Registered Partner Scheme

Our Registered Partner Scheme recognises contractors and consultants who can provide quality of service, experience and knowledge of the latest developments in ContrOCC and MarketPlace.

The Registered Partner Scheme

OCC’s Registered Partner Scheme allows experienced ContrOCC contractors and consultants who meet the requirements of the Scheme to sign up as Registered Partners. As a Registered Partner, you will receive the following:

  1. Listing on our website as a Registered Partner
  2. Invitation to attend product annual user group meetings
  3. Annual 1-day refresher course, concentrating on new and changed functionality and project methodology (for example, migrations, UAT, testing)
  4. Access to our help desk service for advice and guidance in your own capacity (as opposed to on behalf of a local authority) 
  5. Additional training (chargeable) on areas you want to understand more about
  6. Recommendation to customers when they ask OCC to recommend third-party consultants (we cannot recommend non-partners) 

Our Partner recommendations are for named individuals, not companies, although we will record the Partner’s organisation in the register. 

Competencies and requirements

Partners can register for one or more competencies, based on the nature of the work they can carry out. Each competency can be Silver or Gold status,  depending on the requirements met. The competencies and their requirements are:

Joining the Registered Partner Scheme

To become a Registered Partner, you must do the following:

The Registered Partner code of conduct

The Registered Partner code of conduct is designed to protect the good names of OCC and our Registered Partners as well as those of our mutual customers. 

Partners agree to:

OCC reserves the right to remove Registered Partner status should this code of conduct not be followed.

How to apply for Registered Partner status

Application – Partners should complete the application form found here.

This form asks for the details that will appear in our register and be provided to customers. We also ask for contact details for your references.

References – You will need to state your references on the application form and send a reference form to your referees for completion. A copy of this can be found here here. Please forward your completed reference forms to OCC.

If your initial references do not respond, you will be free to suggest alternatives. We may contact your referees independently to verify their details.

Completion – Once payment and your references have been received, we will:

Renewal – Renewal will be due 12 months after completion of the application process.