Work experience with the Design team

Website Team

My name is Florence. I am an A-Level student from Oxford, studying English, Philosophy and Psychology, but I also have an interest in art and design. I spent the last week at OCC, doing work experience with the design team. I’m still unsure about the career path I will take, but this week has been beneficial in helping me learn about design.

With the help of the team, I worked on multiple projects, starting with making a banner for the OCC Technical Advisory Board. To create this, I used Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator. I had not used these before, and they were not easy get to grips with at first! But I’m glad that I can now use them fairly confidently.

My next task was to edit some company flyers and then create a new one that fitted in with their theme. To do this I used a program called Adobe InDesign, which was quite similar to the last two programs I had been using.

I mostly used InDesign again for my final task, which was to make a poster (or multiple posters) containing information about OCC’s Active Lives project. I found this a really great way of putting my new skills into practice and had a lot of fun doing it.

The whole week was a very enjoyable experience. I liked learning new techniques in design and being around helpful and friendly people. I’m really pleased to have gained an insight into the work that goes on in a company like this.