Lucky 7: Windows 7 New OS, New Shortcuts

Peter Row

With a bit of a fanfare Microsoft released Windows 7 to generally good reviews and more importantly distancing itself from the in part negative image of it’s predecessor.  The 64bit driver support has progressed since Vista to the point where it now becomes viable to use it and Windows 7 with 8GB of RAM flys along nicely.

I currently love using Windows 7 much more so than Vista. The refinement and evolution from Vista is clear everything just feels snappier and more responsive. One simply feature evolution from Vista is the ability to snap application windows to one half of your screen or the other and also the addition to switch them between multiple monitors. To aid the use of these features some new Windows key (WK) shortcuts were added which I find quite handy. There’s not really an easy way to discover these so for new adopters of Windows 7 here they are along with a couple of others:

Key CombinationAction
WK-Left arrow key / WK-Right arrow keySnap active window to left or right half of screen.
WK-Shift-Left arrow key / WK-Shift-Right arrow keyMove active window between multiple monitors
WK-SpaceMake all windows transparent so you can temporarily see the desktop
WK-GBring gadgets on top of all windows