Top Tips in 10 Minutes for Software Engineers

Laura Walton

Recently Reynold Greenlaw, our Director of Consultancy Projects, talked to 10MinutesWith about building a career as a Software Engineer. In their interview, Reynold covers the hardest and the best parts of working as a Software Engineer. He also talks about his own career path and gives tips on how to get started and what skills are needed.

10MinutesWith is an educational website, focusing on videos designed to help students and graduates understand different jobs and identify a career path.

Watch the video on our Careers page.

OCC is continually growing as a company; maintaining a steady growth rate of 15 – 20% pa. This month we have welcomed three new Software Engineers, all joining our successful products team. We believe people are a business’ greatest asset so we put a lot of care into finding the best new colleagues and into making the company an enjoyable place to work and learn.

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