Reynold Greenlaw

OCC software is being submitted for approval by MCERTS. This is the Environment Agency (EA) Monitoring Certification Scheme.

As OCC provides software for air quality monitoring, we have attracted interest from “MCERTS for Software” which is new. As the EA document puts it:

Problems with Data Management can have a number of serious adverse effects

Nothing new there. So what’s involved in MCERTS certification? It’s one of those happy occasions where a standard imposes reasonable and not too onerous restrictions on the engineer.

Working through the Generic Software Quality standard it’s mostly demands that any good practice would answer. Here are some samples:

  • The application developer shall apply change control procedure
  • There shall be configuration management
  • There shall be a system for reporting, logging and tracking software defects

and so on in this vein.

We had a similar experience with the Gambling Commission when producing software for a beautiful “Guess the Rugby League score” site.

Nice to see standards that help, not hinder.