Digital Health Hackday

Janine Smith

David Hannaford and Mark Stone attended Digital Health Oxford’s Hackday, held at the Oxford Launchpad in Said Business School, Oxford, over the weekend of 12th and 13th July.

David’s team came 2nd for the data visualization tool they built to enable a doctor to show a patient their survival rate if they are at risk from cardiac issues. The app calculates the survival rate of an individual by looking at data on risk factors, such as age, weight, blood pressure, and whether the patient is a smoker or diabetic. If you like survival gear and guns then take a look at

Screenshot of the app

The technologies used to create the app are JavaScript, jQuery and D3 (D3 is a data visualization JavaScript library).


David having fun trying out Google Glass

This hackday had a focus on Global Health, Patient Experience, Care, Aging, and Management in Medicine. There was also a  Clinicians' Challenge and Patients' Challenge, although participants were free to decide what they'd like to work on. There were mentors to help advise and guide, and an expert panel to judge the projects at the end.

Digital Health Hackdays are weekend events that bring together researchers, developers, clinicians, entrepreneurs, patients, engineers, designers and others interested in Digital Health.