The Venue

Luke Canvin

To try to bring as fun and creative an atmosphere as possible to the week, we decided to break away from the office completely and find a interesting place to stay; somewhere without the usual distractions.

After a fair bit of searching, I came across a house in the Cotswolds having privacy, not to far from Oxford where most of us are based, but far enough for it to definitely be away.

Hoopoe Cottage (though I think it's too new to call itself a cottage, but hey) is part of Lower Mill Estate in the Costwolds Water Park, which sounds like it should have water slides and rubber rings, but is actually a wildlife reserve with lots of lakes.

The whole estate is an eco-project using state-of-the-art technologies to create an environment that doesn't leave too much of a mark on the countryside. We'll be living in the house together for the whole week so as well as coding we'll be cooking together and maybe watching a movie or two in the evenings.

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