• Dev Camp 2019 – Day 5

    Luke Canvin Blog Post

    Our final day saw huge progress in the application's client and server sides coming together. This was really the focus of the day with everyone working together to solve the final challenges and get the client communicating with the server.

  • Dev Camp 2019 – Day 3

    Luke Canvin Blog Post

    By the end of day 3 we'd managed to get the Blazor application constructing a dynamic form based on an external set of defined fields and having those fields be validated dynamically on the client-side again based on externally defined validation rules. Here's what that looks like...

  • Dev Camp 2019 – Day 2

    Luke Canvin Blog Post

    In day 2 the team continued making progress in each of their areas. The EventFlow project begins to come together, shared client and server validation plans are made, and getting Event Flow working with Cosmos DB causes frustration.

  • Dev Camp 2019

    Luke Canvin Blog Post

    At OCC, dev camps are a way for us to experiment with new technologies, create prototype products, and bring back recommendations to the wider company regarding the new tools and techniques we've been able to evaluate.

  • Blazor and .NET Standard

    TAB Blog Post

    More on Blazor – Microsoft’s experimental .NET web framework using C#/Razor and HTML that runs entirely in the browser via WebAssembly. The TAB reviews the Blazor community, Razor Components and the Blazor workshop put together by the ASP .NET team. Plus tips from the coalface on building .NET Standard applications.

  • Mobile development

    TAB Blog Post

    The TAB reviews new features in Xamarin.Forms V4.0, including the Shell framework for quickly putting together a cross-platform application, Visual for look and feel consistencies across platforms and CarouselView for a vertical or horizontal flow of “cards”. Plus the TAB’s view of Visual Studio App Center, a front end on Azure DevOps for building and deploying apps.

  • The digital environment

    Mike Buckle Blog Post

    The digital environment gives businesses the opportunity to share data and content. By delivering the right information across a range of needs, it allows individuals and groups to work smarter and upskill for the benefit of increased productivity and personal achievement.