OCC Awarded Sustainable Routes Grant

Reynold Greenlaw

OCC has been awarded a grant of £1,000 from Sustainable Routes, as we were able to show that we had purchased 2 new laptops, to help staff work from home and a web cam and microphone have been installed in one of our meeting rooms for distant communication. The award was a match funded grant.

More information at  www.sustainableroutes.co.uk

OCC’s directors believe that the company’s IT solutions and services should bring value to clients and the local community in a socially responsible way. We develop IT solutions that will provide positive effects on health, safety and the environment in an ethical way.

OCC also has a bicycle funding scheme which has resulted in 95% of our colleagues cycling to work, has an active recycling scheme in all parts of the office, and sponsors Oxford City Council’s Oxford in Bloom on the Plain roundabout.