NHS Hack Day – Dementia Scrapbook

Reynold Greenlaw

Over the last weekend in January I attended the NHS Hack Day at the John Radcliffe Hospital in Oxford, with friends from Step Up Software and Dr Doctor.

NHS Hack Days are weekend events that brings together doctors, nurses, developers, designers, and other “geeks who love the NHS” to create disruptive solutions to problems in the health space.

Our team worked together on a novel application called the Dementia Scrapbook – a tablet app that allows content to be uploaded by family and friends, which can then be browsed by people with dementia. It doesn’t need user interaction, but if they can touch the screen it responds with content to support their memories.

We successfully scooped the prize from the Health Foundation and now we plan to get started on a simple implementation and open source it on GitHub.

The team presenting the Dementia Scrapbook at the NHS Hack day.
Presenting the Dementia Scrapbook at the NHS Hack day.