Dev Camp day 5

Luke Canvin

Our last full day of Dev Camp was very productive and we completed much of the app’s functionality – it’s pretty satisfying to see the various elements come together and begin functioning nicely across our various test devices.

  • Tomasz and Neil worked together on completing the Questionnaire and Response views, with support for pagination, asynchronous saving to local and remote storage, and a few other nice touches.
  • Mariusz worked on completing the data management for the slider and drag & drop controls, enabling them to be stored locally and in the database just like the rest of the question types.
  • Neil managed to get the local and remote data stores synchronising nicely so that changes are pushed up to, and pulled down from, the server whenever the application has a connection.
  • I finished packaging up the application to work fully offline and be installed on mobile devices as an offline web app.
  • Mariusz and I got the drag and drop controls up and running with touch support so that they work really nicely on iOS devices like the iPad and iPhone.

Seeing the app working so well on the iPad was a real highlight as that has been one of our goals right from the start. Here are a few screenshots for you – you’ll just have to imagine the nice touch interface…

With the week over, we’ll spend a few hours on Saturday morning tidying everything up and squashing a few final bugs, and then write our thoughts on the week and all the different new technologies we’ve been working with.