At OCC, we work in multidisciplinary teams of UX designers and software engineers. Project teams sit together in an open-plan office. As part of the digital design process, we regularly run workshops involving team members, clients and users.

User research

User interviews

digital design user interview with blind user
User interview at Bath and East Somerset Council with visually impaired user. UX designer and support staff attended the user interview to observe the user interacting with our product using JAWS. We then made improvements to our product.

Contextual research

OCC at national gridOCC at national grid 2
For the National Grid Meter Witnessing project, the development team (UX designer, lead developer, account manager and project manager) spent a day at the power station observing engineers at work. More information about the project.

Usability testing

OCC user testing RFA RFA tablet
Usability testing for the Remote Financial Assessment app, one of our products for social workers. We stream the sessions so the development team can watch users interacting with what they’ve built.


User story map workshop

We run workshops with UX designers, engineers and stakeholders.
Cardigan setup Cardigan story map
As part of our discovery phase, we run a user story map workshop with stakeholders and development team. A user story map allows us to plan the development releases in a way that matches user experience.

Co-design workshop

OFA co-design Ami workshop 2
Running co-design workshops involving users and stakeholders.

UX and Agile development

The product canvas and Agile planning

NG digital design product canvas NG agile planning
Using techniques such as the product canvas allow us to integrate UX into the development process. During the development process, we regularly discuss and refer to user research and design.