Merging medical data for research AbD Serotec's website is a critical tool, allowing customers to navigate thousands of products as well as highlighting the hundreds of new products each month.

Serotec initially contacted OCC when the requirements for the website became too great for its existing supplier, following the merger of Antibodies by Design, Biogenesis, Serotec and Oxford Biotechnology into AbD Serotec, a new division of MorphoSys. AbD Serotec is one of the world leaders in antibody production.

We were contracted to undertake the implementation of a new website and then support the subsequent growth of both the website and back office systems.

Building the new website

The merger required us to combine a number of different overlapping databases into a new SQL Server database. This was then integrated into the newly designed and implemented website, allowing direct communication between Serotec’s labs and the web front end.

We added an interactive online search tool to allow quick and easy searching against the continuously updating antibody catalogue.

The new website and database have streamlined back office processes, enforced regulatory compliance and provided distributors and customers with accurate, up-to-date data.