Shaping the development of the Financial Protection Module

Financial Protection OCC’s Financial Protection software provides wide ranging functionality to facilitate the effective management of Deputyship and Appointeeship clients.

Shaping the development of the Financial Protection Module

West Berkshire have played an integral role in shaping the development of OCC’s Financial Protection module, since development first started over ten years ago. They initially approached OCC after finding that competitor software did not meet their needs. The council were able to liaise directly with the development team and provide a list of desired specifications. As users of the OCC charging system since 2003, they could see clear benefits in linking Financial Protection with their existing OCC software.

Process Management

Changing work practices at West Berkshire

The module enabled West Berkshire to move away from manual data entry and spreadsheets. Previously, client documentation had been stored in various different locations, and bank statements were entered manually. Using the Financial Protection module means they can now store everything in one place. Centralising document storage and automating manual data entry processes has made the process quicker, and significantly reduced the potential for human error.

Storing client information centrally was a great help for West Berkshire, even before the pandemic struck. During Covid, it has been enormously valuable to retrieve documents electronically, rather than relying on paper files.

Managing Client Bank Accounts

Recent Developments

Even though this is a long-standing module, development is still ongoing, and we are always keen to take new customer requirements on board. Over the last couple of years, we have brought in functionality relating to OPG returns. The system will automatically populate returns based on the comprehensive data stored within the module. For more information, or a demo, do get in touch with your account manager, or email us at: