Certificate of origin software AbD Serotec is the research antibody division of MorphoSys, one of the world’s leading antibody technology companies.

The AbD Serotec brand was created in early 2006 and markets more than 13,000 antibodies and immunological reagents. AbD Serotec holds a leading position in the global market for research antibodies, with direct sales operations in the UK, USA, Germany, France and Scandinavia and distributors in more than 55 countries.

Certificate of origin

When regulation was introduced requiring biologically derived materials to be accompanied by a certificate of origin when transported internationally, AbD Serotec asked OCC to extend its previously supplied software to meet the new requirement.

The certificate declares the origin of the various constituents of the biologically derived material and provides evidence that it is free of harmful diseases. OCC’s enhanced Datasheet Editor software allows AbD Serotec’s technical staff to track the components of their products, their origins and the countries where products are processed. The new software then automatically generates a certificate containing all the relevant data to be printed off and shipped with the product.

These enhancements ensure that AbD Serotec’s customers receive their goods in a timely manner and without hold-ups in customs.