We have an opportunity for an eight-week summer internship placement in our Innovation Delivery Team in summer 2022.

We are looking for someone with a can-do attitude and a passion for software.

Our work is varied and we cannot say what projects will be running when you join us for your internship, but we can say it will be innovative and in engineering, health or science.

Here are some projects we have recently been working on:

  • An AWS-based integration of software applications for modelling transport. We are delivering data visualisation, user interface, user research and system integration. The geospatial data is presented using a JavaScript library called MapBox. The business layer is C#.
  • We support a local project, Ami, which connects people in our community. We built the web portal (https://www.withami.co.uk/) for matching people seeking informal social support with local volunteers. This is a growing initiative and there is always more than we can add to the site which is built as a straightforward Microsoft MVC ASP.Net application.
  • We built a web application for use on smartphones by patients with a specific health condition. The app allows the user group to report how their symptoms develop over time. This is scientific research and the app needs to meet strict requirements on the delivery and recording of content. This is a responsive application built with React.js.

We also have projects that are building tools for our internal use. Working on these is a good way to get started if a lot of what we do is new to you – but you will be supported. You will be within a mixed team which will include experienced engineers. You can contribute ideas, design, code and test strategies according to your strengths. Your code will be reviewed by someone in your team – and you will review their code in turn.

Most of our work uses Microsoft DevOps with Visual Studio C# and Azure, often with React.js on the front end, but we aim to use the right tool for the project and if that means Java, AWS, or PHP that’s fine. If your experience is with scripting, another OO language, HTML, CSS or JavaScript, these are all useful. We will give you time and support to learn new technologies with us.

During your time with OCC, you will have the opportunity to collaborate with experienced, technical professionals, attend team meetings and contribute to our projects.

Applicant Profile

We are looking for our Intern to be creative, analytical and have a passion for software development to join our team. We are open to candidates from STEM subjects who have an interest in software development or are currently undertaking a degree in computer science or a related subject. We are looking for someone with a talent for software (using any technology), a fast learner and a good communicator.

Feedback from 2021 Summer Placements

Our 2021 summer placements were a huge success for both the students and staff involved. Here is what Oxford University intern Sam Leadley had to say about his placement:

“I have been working hard to familiarise myself with the software and ideas that we are using for our project. Everyone at OCC has been really welcoming and willing to give help with anything if I ask for it. I’ve really enjoyed working on file manipulation in blob storage. It’s a new concept I haven’t come across before and it’s very satisfying when I’m able to see my code working.”

The Reynold Greenlaw Internship Award

In August 2021 we lost our beloved colleague Reynold Greenlaw to cancer. As Director of the Innovation Delivery team since 2013, Reynold had a passion for research and innovation. His innate curiosity and his supportive approach to working with others meant he had a natural ability for mentoring and inspiring those around him.

OCC are proud to launch the Reynold Greenlaw Internship award in his memory. Students who successfully complete an internship placement will be awarded a sum of £1000 in addition to their internship salary. It is hoped that the fund will assist interns with pursuing their educational and professional goals and help us pay tribute to his legacy.